Punter Planet Review

A lovely review from a lovely gentleman:

"I had been chatting to Chasey for quite a while in PP chat and connected with her, so I thought it was time to see her! In chat I noticed that she loved cuddles so that was a strong reason, and she seemed to be open to the idea of tickling. Also her photos drew me in. I loved her curviness, she reminded me of Lexi and Autumn, two of my favourites who have sadly retired

When she arrived, I must say she was stunning! She did remind me a lot of Lexi Swarvoski, for those of you who remember her. Both in appearance and personality. She is slightly curvy and wore casual clothes as I requested, and has a few tattoos. The session was great fun I must say. Of course there was tickling, and she truly loved tickling me and was very playful. She also trapped me and gave me lots of big cuddles, which were the highlight as her cuddles were nice and tight. She also gives great kisses. They started out as quick pecks but then she started to intensify the kissing into long passionate kisses which felt amazing combined with cuddles and affectionate cuddling. I got so wrapt up in the tickles and cuddles and passionate kissing I kind of forgot to ask about the oral and FS. At some times when she was cuddling me she squeezed me extra tight which is what I loved, and also licked me in my sensitive spots to tickle me.

However, eventually we did try oral. The oral felt nice, with lots of ball licking which is what I love. The came the FS. She asked if I wanted to go on top but as I am kind of new to the FS we tried the cowgirl position, while she tickled me of course! Then more cuddling happened, and she gave me some nice hand relief. After the hand relief we chatted and said our goodbyes.

Overall this was an amazing session. I loved how she loved to cuddle which is very important to me, and her kisses felt amazing too, not to mention she is a good tickler! I will be back for sure!"

- Fluffy Numbers (Punter Planet)