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Scarlet Blue Review

A lovely Scottish gentleman:

"Beware of this beautiful lady. Chasey is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. Why should you be wary of Her? She will seep not only into your body but also into your innermost being. My evening with Chasey was bewildering as she appeared (appeared.. Her appearance was captivating, dressed simply in a white top and flowing black skirt she exuded sensual pleasure) to be very attentive but very quickly moved to a more deeper appreciation of your needs and practically reads your mind. A smile that relaxes you and a fabulous figure. A mixture of an athletic body with gentle but firm curves and legs that I could not take my eyes off or stop my hands from touching. See Her at your peril. She will become addictive and is the personification of Milton's "Paradise Lost". Chasey very quickly, and only through her caring attention, commands respect which I found myself giving without question. I suspect that anyone that does not do this will be dismissed and forgotten. I am going to ask Chasey to visit me again and hope that my request is granted."

- Eddie (Scarlet Blue)

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