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First Time at Sexpo

After arranging a fly over to see Chasey, we had arranged a social booking on day 1 to show me around the National Gallery of Victoria. This young lady is better than any tour guide there. We discussed certain pieces and we laughed as we walked around. Once again I learnt so much. We had so much fun. Day 2 was incredibly amazing. We started at the Sexpo. We walked around looking at different items, booths and also went back stage. We even bought some toys. It was a lot of fun and more laughing. Then off to my hotel to freshen up before dinner. Off to the restaurant we went. We talked about all sorts of topics. Chasey really is an extraordinary young lady. We discussed art, mythology, food, sex and yes more laughs. Then back to my room for our playtime. But before we got to play, we danced. It was so much fun, even danced to That's Amore and Time Warp. Chasey has the curves of a goddess, the smile of an angel and the moves of a devil. We had so much fun laughing, giggling even tried some new things. She really made me feel unbelievably amazing. What an experience. I highly recommend Chasey whether it be companionship, playtime or both. Thanks Chasey for everything.

- Razzam (Scarlet Blue)

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