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What a day!

I recently found myself in Melbourne for business when an opportunity presented itself for me to indulge in some pleasant company for an evening, something I only do maybe once or twice a year. Scarlet Blue has always been a reliable source to find such company, and this is where I came across the beautiful Ms Chasey’s profile. Chasey’s pics were the first thing that piqued my interest, a smoking hot body with just the right amount of curves and in all the right places. Although Chasey does choose not to show her face in her profile pictures, which is totally fine by me I should add, at this stage I had seen more than enough to keep reading. Cheeky, affectionate and a passion for life, and of course an indulgence for fine food is how Chasey described herself in her Bio. All great qualities and it was about now I decided I would try and to arrange to meet this stunning woman. Skipped down to the contact section of her profile and saw that Chasey has a very sensible set of rules when it comes to arranging a meet. The clock was ticking on being able to satisfy her requests, so I sent a quick, polite email briefly introducing myself and what I was looking to arrange. Shortly there after we exchanged a few txt messages and arranged for an intro over a coffee. This is a fantastic option, for a small investment it protects all parties to ensure everything is as it seems and whether a longer and more intimate liaison is in everyone’s interest. I was waiting at our mutually agreed meeting point when I picked Chasey out of the crowd and was simply blown away with how incredible she looked in real life. Well dressed, that never-ending smile and just enough sass to get the heart pounding, it was obvious that Chasey was everything her profile indicated, but only better! We headed to a quite café and spent a pleasant hour together getting to know a little bit more about each other and where we would go from here. I was delighted when Chasey agreed that we should meet again the following night for a couple of hours, to really get to know each other. We parted ways and all I had to do then was wait, a long, long wait. The time finally arrived and some late business that I was dealing with saw me a little more spun up then I needed to be, so when Chasey arrived I asked if it would be alright if we added on an extra hour while grabbed a drink and some food, to which she readily agreed. We found a bar and I ordered us some drinks and a small bite to eat. Almost immediately I felt the stresses of the day melting away, Chasey’s radiant smile could light up an entire room and her intelligent and witty conversation quickly had me in much better state of mind for what I about to experience. With my late night snack out of the way and the days work dramas a distant memory, we quickly retreated to the apartment on this blustery Melbourne evening. The next two hours were bliss, pure and simple. We carried on the conversation while I grabbed us another drink and started to get comfortable. Chasey asked if there was anything in particular I would like to try and I was more than happy for her to take the lead on how the night played out. Before I knew it we were exploring each other’s body’s with Chasey’s genuine enthusiasm making me feel like I was the most special man in the world. Having her body up close and personal it was obvious that some things a profile picture cannot convey. Her skin was the softest I had every had the pleasure of caressing, her breasts in my humble opinion were the perfect size and I have mentioned her smile? I have been fortunate enough to be with some incredible women in the past, but I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say this has been one of the most pleasurable experiences I have had. It’s now been a couple of days since my time with Chasey and I still have the smile on my face from that night. I mentioned that this is something I would normally only do rarely, but I now find myself questioning that decision and when I might be able to schedule another ‘business’ trip to Melbourne.

- MRB (Scarlet Blue)

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